Monday, May 2, 2011


Yesterday we flew from Peru via La Paz to Cochabamba in Bolivia; I will be here for the next 8 days. So in my earlier post I wrote that I was in La Paz airport, well soon after that when I went to the toilet and out of the oxygen cafĂ© I was in, I passed out and was sick, 5 minutes before our flight was about to leave, this was because of the altitude. Any who typical South Americans we weren’t late getting on the plane and we were an hour leaving so I had time to recover.

So today was the first time out in the city of Cochabamba. In the morning we visited a girls home, full of children who have come from very damaged homes, but the project has brought them sooo far, as soon as we got there two girls came running over to me and grabbed my hand, I continued for about 3 hours just picking them up and playing with them, thoroughly tired out, so much fun though (literally had a gym workout)! Hyperactive is how I would describe them, sooo much Energy! So great to see children who are off the streets and safe in a beautiful home and setting, they still have a long way to go.

Its a huge culture shock, almost straight away you get used to there being poor people that surround you, and then you realise this is so wrong, its an emotional rollar coaster. I have seen some great work the charity has been doing, children now filled with hope, still damaged but are on a journey forward, its there faith that does this. We saw a family yesterday where her husband has now left the home (shack) and back on the streets drinking, his wife literally broke down in front of us, it was soo sad, we prayed for her, and she was so thankful.
Hope is the word for today....

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