Sunday, May 1, 2011


So I have some time to kill in La Paz because the airport just decided to cancel our transfer flight because its been a bank holiday, the airport is tiny and everything is really old and run down. Thank-God we managed to get a flight in 4 hours time phewwww....otherwise it would have ment a 6 hour bus journey to Cochabamba :S Somehow I have got Wifi, The cafe I am sitting in is an O2 cafe which has oxygen pumped into the room, La Paz airport is the highest airport in the world, with an extreme alltitude of 13325 ft (4061m) breathing is quite hard, When you stand up you get a head rush, and walking just puts you out of breath it is sooooo bazar :S
Flights so far...and many to come:

Birmingham -> Amersterdam -> Peru -> La Paz -> Cochabamba

Even though I was only in Peru over night, alot can happen. My hotel I stopped over night was literally by the airport, so the story goes: I'm just wondering out of the restaurant on my way back to my room and all the staff in the hotel are at the doors of the hotel, I can hear massive amounts of screaming outside so I go have a look and guess who walks past......MILEY CYRUS! The street was packed with young screaming fans, crazy times.....
I have only really seen Peru from the air, but I am so amazed by how beautiful the landscape is, it is just breathtaking. On the flight from Peru to La Paz I looked out the window all the way here, we were flying over the Andies, these mountains are stunning, lots of blue lakes and houses/shacks just in the middle of knowhere. 

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