Saturday, April 16, 2011


This morning I received an email from my Mum and Dad who are already out in South America. They have been in El Salvador and have been visiting some of the children I met over a year ago, below is my reply to his email:

I just did not think when I looked at those photos it would be children I met over a year ago, in every photo there is a child I regonise from that night I went out onto the streets...
I'm not really sure what to think, my first reaction was, thank God they are still alive, but then the reality of there life, living on the street, high on glue constantly....they probable wouldn't remember me? It is weird, I look at the photos I took in South America last year and they are so familiar, but to see new photos of the people I met over a year ago has stirred me, it has brought the reality of all of those children that need saving, its almost overwhelming...

It makes sence in the media side of things, that to touch peoples hearts you need new images, we become numb to familiar photographs, for people who cannot travel to these places, a photograph is one of the biggest sources that can be brought back with us, to show others what is going on here. It has reminded me how special yet also important it is for me to take photographs whilst I am there....

Its a shame, I would have loved to have gone to El Salvador or Guatemala again, would have loved to try and find children I met last time......another day.

This time I will be visiting Bolivia and Peru. I feel like this email has brought me back to earth, I am not just going to a fantastic country, I am going to a country full of disaster and ruin, the reality of these people is horrifying,I'm not sure anything can prepare you for this, pray at all times. 

Below are some photos my Dad sent me, with his photo on the left and my photo on the right, showing the same children but a year ago...


Sunday, April 3, 2011


'I can do all things through him, who gives me strength'
'Puedo hacer todas las cosas a través de él que me fortalece.'
Filipenses 4:13