Monday, May 9, 2011

Lake Titikaka Day 1

Today I took a bus to Lake Titikaka. Lake Titikaka is the highest lake in the world at 3800metres, not the largest but one of the largest, oxygen levels are low due to the altitude so breathing was a challenge today especially when I were walking round ‘Sun Island ‘The scenery was out of this world, I fell asleep for the first half of the bus journey, but woke up just as we came round the corner to the lake. I saw many country people working in the fields farming reeds, which make the famous reed boats and islands on the Lake. Also many abandoned houses where country people have moved to cities because country life is just to hard.  When we stopped in a little village to cross the narrowest part of the lake some dressed up alpacas arrived, the man with them was charging 5 Boliviano’s to take a photo but I managed to take a photo before I new this. When we arrived in Copacabana we took a boat ride to Sun Island where we had a traditional Inca meal, with a stunning back drop of the lake and mountains in the background (see photos below) We then took a hour trek across the island visiting the Inca temples ‘Sun Temples’ At the end of hour we came the ‘Fountain of Youth’ with three holes where the water was coming out, these three holes represented the three Inca rules; don’t steal, be lazy or lie. From here we walked down original Inca steps and took the boat back to Copacabana. We had some time to look around the shops and I bought an alpaca jumper and some leg warmers.  We left Copacabana and 10 minutes later arrived at the Peru boarder. 

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