Monday, May 23, 2011


So 2 weeks till I go home. I have been traveling around Bolivia and Peru for the past 3 weeks, seen some happy, some sad faces, some beautiful landscapes and some destroyed landscapes. But the one thing that I can say about the tragic things I've seen is there is hope in them, it may seem hopeless at times but there is a brighter future for these people and places though the work that the Toybox charity is doing and many other charities.

I am in Oruro, in Bolivia for the last 2 weeks before I come home, I am staying with my brother who has been living and working in South America for the past year and a half. I am going to been volunteering in 3 projects over the next 2 weeks, helping children with homework and thinking up some creative ideas to have fun with them. One of the projects is going out on the streets in the day to visit working street children where we will play on the spot games with them talk to them and generally give them some love. None of the street children sleep on the streets in Oruro cause it is to cold at night so they pay 3bolivianos per night (25p) to sleep in a room somewhere, they can earn this by shinning 3-4 people shoes for example. Last night it was -9 brrrrrr, I just about had enough layers to keep me warm, I'm going to buy some gloves from a market today as right now my fingers are freeeeeezing..... Oh and Bolivians don't heat there houses as its to expensive, so sometimes its actually warmer outside than in. BUT the sun does still shine here, and it can still burn your skin. 

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