Thursday, May 5, 2011


Lots and lots of faces today, we went to some big projects today, run by churches. The projects all offer support with nutrition and care for the parents and children themselves, also a doctor who can check the child over, this gives them a good chance to see any problems that could be going on at home. We had lots of welcomes today with gifts and drinks. A random lunch and weird juice, Bolivia seems to have alot of weird tasting juice I can never work out what it is? By then end of the today I am so ready to go to sleep, it has been a really busy few days. It really has been emotionally draining, what with the culture, people, language, altitude, family life, street children etc etc...

I have enjoyed every bit of my trip so far, but haven't had time to sit down and take it all in, which is so important. I am so pleased with what Toybox has been doing here to help, everyone is just doing a great job, there is so much enthusiasm and love here. The adults and children are always so pleased to see us, welcoming us and feeling like old friends. We will be leaving Oruro on Saturday but in about 2 weeks I will be coming back with my brother and working with him for two weeks, visiting some of the projects I have been to whilst I am here.

On a good note my altitude sickness seems and is much better, I think the altitude tablets are helping and the gallons of Coca tea I have drank in the past fews days, the air is defiantly thinner here and I still feel short of breath but I should get used to it, at least today I haven't felt bad with it.

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